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Helping Canadians Through Disasters for Over 100 Years

  • Predicted increases in the frequency and scale of disasters means Canadians will face a greater risk of death, suffering and destruction.
  • The Canadian Red Cross is a member of the world's oldest and largest humanitarian network, and combined with our local presence, this gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to helping Canadians prepare for and deal with all kinds of disasters.
  • Donations made to the Canadian Red Cross Fund provide us with the flexibility to respond whenever and wherever help is most needed.
  • All the help and safety that is provided from the Canadian Red Cross is a result of caring people like you who are willing to give to help others.

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Of every dollar donated supports programs
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fundraising costs.

* Based on a 5 year average cost of fundraising

Did You Know?

The Canadian Red Cross received an A+ rating for efficiency and governance from Money Sense's 2012 Canadian charity rating report.

  • "As we all know, disasters are not planned but the urgency of response is no less important. I feel good knowing the Red Cross can count on my donation every month and help those who need it as soon as tragedy strikes."

    Cassandra Consiglio –
    Canadian Red Cross Monthly Donor
  • "What the Red Cross did is remarkable. We received so much help. Even if our city burned down, it doesn't mean that our community disappeared. I know that Slave Lake will emerge greater and stronger than ever."

    Karri Kanzig –
    Slave Lake Disaster Response Beneficiary
  • "When man finally learns to control the elements... When the winds will be quiet and the earth cannot be torn apart...When there will be no loneliness... no war...When the last hungry man, woman or child is fed... Only then will there be no need for the Red Cross."

    Albert Schweitzer –
    Nobel Peace Prize winner