The Best of Humanity

The Canadian Red Cross Legacy Circle belongs to supporters of the Canadian Red Cross, people just like you – the best of humanity – people who want to help and inspire future generations.     

Please let us know when you plan a legacy gift for Red Cross work.  Knowing helps us to plan for the future and allows us to honor you in your lifetime.

You will be invited to join our Legacy Circle. We will offer you the presentation of a legacy pin.  You can wear your pin with pride in your humanitarian intention and in order to inspire others to consider the same level of commitment.

We would like to keep you up-to-date with our work and invite you to special events in your locality.  

When you let us know about your legacy intention, you will be sent a form which details the benefits of the Red Cross Legacy Circle.  Should you not wish to receive these benefits or if you would like your intention to be kept completely confidential you can let us know through your notation on the form.  We will follow your wishes to the letter.

In the words the founder of the Red Cross Movement, Henry Dunant“We can all do something to help the good work move forward.”