Tiffany Circle Leadership

Volunteers make everything we do possible – from service delivery to disaster response to governance. It is the strength of our Volunteer Leadership that enables us to be bold and innovative in meeting the humanitarian needs of Canadians and others around the world.

The Canadian Red Cross Tiffany Circle is championed by a volunteer National Steering Committee. Meet the women with an unwavering commitment to growing the Tiffany Circle, ensuring members an exceptional experience and supporting the work of the Red Cross:

Siobhan Furst, National Co-Chair
Waterloo, ON
After working for 15 years in forensic and paediatric nursing, Siobhan took a break to stay home with her two sons. She is just getting back to work in a new small business venture now that they are teenagers. Siobhan is involved as a race designer in the Grand River Amazing Race and with the Parent Council at her son's school.  Over the years, she has connected to the type of life-saving skills provided by the Canadian Red Cross as an instructor in swimming, first aid and CPR.

Darlene Haslam, National Co-Chair
Calgary, AB
Darlene is a Chartered Accountant and works part-time through her private consulting practice. She’s been an active volunteer in the Calgary community for many years with a focus on child health and violence prevention.

Mari McAndrews, National Events Chair
Kitchener, ON
Originally from the United States, Mari has been fortunate to live in several places over the years including Chicago, Philadelphia and Tokyo. While living in the United States, Mari volunteered for a number of programs and services with the American Red Cross. She is thrilled to be part of the Red Cross family again, this time with the Canadian Red Cross.

Rosalie Tennison, National Marketing and Communications Chair
Newmarket, ON
After completing a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at Carleton University in Ottawa, Rosalie became an agricultural journalist. Her next move was to the University of Manitoba to the position of Communications Specialist for the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences. Rosalie’s marriage to RL (Bob) Whitelaw, the President of Agrico Canada Ltd, took her back to Ontario where she launched a freelance writing business. In 20 years as a freelance agricultural journalist, Rosalie’s by-line has appeared in most of the notable agricultural publications in Canada. Rosalie is the current editor of The Circular, the newsletter for the Canadian Tiffany Circle.

Anna Hunt-Binkley, National Membership Co-Chair
Lake Country, BC
A lawyer by training, Anna has been a strong supporter of many community organizations including serving as Chair of the Kelowna Family YWCA/YMCA Expansion Cabinet and Chair of the Canadian Red Cross “Building for Humanity” campaign.
  Josephine Lennon, National Membership Co-Chair
Toronto, ON

Chi Cheng, Member-at-Large
Thunder Bay, ON
Dr. Chiachen (Chi) Cheng and her family moved to Thunder Bay over 9 years ago. She is married to Dr. William Harris and they have three children. Chi is a Psychiatrist and Physician-Researcher. She completed both her Child and Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry residencies at McMaster University and subsequently moved to Northwestern Ontario after completing a Masters of Public Health at Harvard University. Chi’s research interests are in evidence-based practice as it interfaces with pediatric mental health policy.

Lesley Flaminio, Member-at-Large
Guelph, ON
Over the last couple of years, Lesley has found her children needing her less. She finds the Tiffany Circle a perfect fit now that she has more time to devote to volunteerism on a local, national and international level.

Jean Lam, Member-at-Large
Toronto, ON
Jean retired from the Ontario Public Service having served in senior positions across a range of ministries including Energy, Consumer and Commercial Relations, Tourism and Recreation, as well as Economic Development, Trade and Tourism. Most recently, she held the position of Assistant Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport. A committed Red Cross volunteer since the 1980s, she is currently on the Toronto Region Red Cross Council and chairs the Governance/Nominations Committee, and represents Red Cross on the United Way of Toronto and York Region Community Impact Committee.

Jane Wachowich, Member-at-Large
Calgary, AB
A graduate of the University of Alberta in Commerce and in Law, Jane practiced corporate law at Davis and Co. in Edmonton before owning and working in law and operations for mid-sized private companies while raising 4 children.

Ela Landegger, Torchbearer
Oakville, ON
Ela Landegger is a volunteer, philanthropist and Founding Co-Chair of the Canadian Red Cross Tiffany Circle. Born in New York to Polish immigrants, Ela was raised on three continents. She has a long family history of involvement with the Red Cross and was a recipient of Red Cross assistance herself when her family lost their home to a fire many years ago.

Tanja Mirazic, Torchbearer
Nobleton, ON
Tanja Mirazic is District Vice President with a leading Canadian financial services and investment provider and Founding Co-Chair of the Canadian Red Cross Tiffany Circle. She is passionate about the importance of first aid training and the work of the Red Cross.

Juliana Sprott, Torchbearer
Mississauga, ON
Juliana Sprott is President of The Sprott Foundation and Founding Co-Chair of the Canadian Red Cross Tiffany Circle. Juliana and her family have had a long history with the Canadian Red Cross. Juliana received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario and went on to have a successful career in sports broadcasting before taking on her current role as President of her family’s charitable foundation. Juliana is bilingual in English and French, and has traveled to 30 countries around the world.
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