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Photo of the day: 10 year-old refugee arrives in Canada

Raffi recently arrived in Canada with his mother, father and two sisters. Along with other needed items, like jackets and boots, Raffi received a Red Cross teddy bear.

Discovering Westport: a small community with a big heart

End of mission is a time of deep reflection and slow adjustment. When I was deployed to Germany as a Canadian Red Cross delegate, my life changed drastically. Working as an interpreter in a German Red Cross transit camp for refugees, I experienced a complete shift in lifestyle. I went from a quiet 9-5 to non-stop 12 hour shifts, welcoming a thousand refugees every night. I adjusted quickly because the rapid pace of response left no room for easing in. When the end of my mission came, I braced myself for another major life change: going back to normal. 

How Red Cross is helping Syrian refugees arriving in Canada

Here's an overview of the services the Canadian Red Cross will provide to Syrian refugees arriving in Canada in the coming weeks and months.  

Video: Red Cross translator Rami Sarakbi shares about his experience working with refugees

Canadian Red Cross delegate Rami Sarakbi is originally from Syria. In this video he talks about his recent experience working as a translator in Germany. 

Photo of the day: Jillian's birthday gift to Syrian children

When Jillian Wright of Ottawa, Ontario was approaching her seventh birthday on October 23, she told her friends and family that instead of gifts she wanted money so that she could donate to the Red Cross to help Syrian children.

Translating the refugee crisis: Stories from Germany

Toronto-based disaster management expert Sarah Oberholzer shares stories of two Syrian refugees working as translators during her mission at the camp in Erding, Germany.

The power of a smile: Canadian aid worker shares experience of refugee camps in Germany

Adeola Adebayo, a nurse in Halifax, recently returned from Germany where he assisted in the refugee response efforts. For a month, he worked in Feldkirchen and Erding refugee camps run by the German Red Cross.

In Photos: Refugees in Germany

The Canadian Red Cross is working with the German Red Cross to help welcome thousands of refugees who are fleeing violence in their country. In Feldkirchen, a community located near Munich, a camp has been established with the capacity for up to 5,000 people. From this camp, refugees are able to take their first steps in seeking asylum. 

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