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Photo of the Day: Jordan and Lebanon offering a helping hand

Pictured above, a volunteer from the Jordan National Red Crescent entertains a Syrian child now living in Ajloun. In the wake of violence in Syria, thousands of refugees have crossed the borders into neighbouring Jordan and Lebanon. Recently the In...

Photo of the Day: International Day of the Disappeared

Could you imagine being separated from one of your family members in times of conflict or disaster?  What would you do? Where would you turn for help? How long will it be until you see them again? Are they still alive? The Canadian Red Cross Res...

Promoting Family Links

Every day, we publish a photo to show Red Cross at work across the country or around the world. Do you have a photo to share? Let us know! Hot off the press, a brand new popup banner greets clients outside the Restoring Family Links office in Mani...

Shelters for "Deaf Camp" in Haiti: blog from the field

* Guest blog by Louise Taylor, Delegate for the Canadian Red Cross in Haiti A week before the anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti, the Red Cross fulfilled its promise to provide shelter those left homeless on January 12th to some v...

World Refugee Day

June 20 is World Refugee Day, which aims to bring attention to the plight of the world’s refugees and to offer support, encouragement and respect. Here in Toronto, the Canadian Red Cross helps refugees arriving in the area with the First Contact p...

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