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The Red Cross Round-up

The Round-up offers a weekly sample of what our sister Red Cross Societies are working on around the world.

Haiti helps Guinea and Liberia in Ebola outbreak

With the Ebola virus affecting communities in Guinea since February, response activities ramped up in Guinea and neighbouring Liberia with Haiti now sharing expertise in beneficiary communications to help deal with the haemorrhagic fever outbreak.

Ricky Munday: Climbing mountains in Haiti and beyond

For the past 21 months, there has been no such thing as a typical day for Ricky Munday, Head of Business Support Unit for the Canadian Red Cross in Haiti. Each day poses challenging deadlines and heavy workloads as he leads the largest single-country overseas operation in the history of the Canadian Red Cross. Luckily, Ricky is a man who thrives on challenges, currently setting his sights on climbing the three highest peaks in every continent.

Innovations in disaster response and recovery continue four years after Haiti's earthquake

When disasters strike and the world rushes to help, emergency responders often feel the pressure to rebuild quickly, but building back better takes time. That’s why the Red Cross sent state-of-the-art emergency medical teams to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake four years ago, and again months later when cholera broke out across the country. These shorter-term missions allowed us to provide life-saving care to families in need, while also taking the time to properly plan longer-term recovery projects to help communities not just return to their pre-earthquake lives, but to actually improve families’ lives for many years to come.

Continuing to support health needs in Haiti

Today marked a very special celebration for the Canadian Red Cross and Haitian Red Cross. Almost four years after the January 2010 earthquake, as a part of the Canadian Red Cross’ Haitian Integrated Health Program, the cornerstone at the Saint-Michel hospital in Jacmel was laid.

Photo of the Day: A family reunited after disaster

During World Refugee Week, June 16-22, we are highlighting Restoring Family Links, a program that helps reconnect families separated by conflict and disaster. Did you know the Red Cross plays an integral role in the safety, protection and well-be...

Photo of the Day: Healing Hands for Haiti

Today’s photo of the day is taken from the American Red Cross. Pictured above is James Medina, who was attending school in Port-au-Prince, when the earthquake in Haiti occurred three years ago. Medina was trapped under the rubble for an entire...

Haiti: Three years later

It has been three years since a devastating earthquake hit Haiti where the Red Cross continues to support communities. To date, the Red Cross has assisted more than 5 million earthquake survivors and more than 14,400 tons of aid from the Red Cross ha...

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