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Spirits high during Red Cross aid distributions following Hurricane Matthew

Spirits were high from the first few moments of the aid distribution in Jérémie, Haiti, when Red Cross volunteers and staff provided residents with much-needed tarps and hygiene kits.
Prior to the distribution, Red Cross teams visited the city to identify those left most vulnerable after Hurricane Matthew and ensured that their immediate needs were met.

In photos: Mobile health clinic continues to treat those affected by Hurricane Matthew

The Canadian Red Cross team is continuing to visit villages and remote regions of Haiti affected by Hurricane Matthew to provide medical care through the mobile health clinic. Last week, the mobile clinic visited four communities including Cap à Fou which had been previously inaccessible to aid workers due to severely damaged roads. 

Photo of the day : A smile brings hope in Haiti

​Since arriving in Haiti, the Canadian Red Cross mobile clinic has treated more than 1,500 people in the Grand’Anse region in the south of the country. Aid worker France Hurtubise captured this photo of a young boy in Gabriel. His infectious smile motivated the team to continue working hard to provide health care to people who haven’t received health services since the hurricane hit.

Psychosocial support critical after Hurricane Matthew

“Every day I see children suffering from the after-effects of having lost their homes or close family members,” said Emilie Gauthier-Paré. Psychosocial delegate with the Canadian Red Cross in Haiti, Émilie is a member of the mobile health clinic team making daily visits to remote villages of Grande Anse in the southwest of the country that was devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

Canadian Red Cross mobile clinic treats most vulnerable after Hurricane Matthew

The Canadian Red Cross mobile health clinic has now been set up and operating out of Jeremie in the Grand Anse region. These photos are from when the mobile clinic was in Mouline, a remote community in the mountains which was badly affected by Hurricane Matthew. This is the first time the community is receiving health services nearly one month after the hurricane.

Red Cross volunteer affected by Hurricane Matthew works to help the most vulnerable

Micheline Lagrenade has been volunteering at the Haitian Red Cross branch in the town of Jeremie for the past 24 years. Micheline is a single mother of four who up until recently was living in a house in a coastal neighbourhood of Jeremie. Her home was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, and she’s been staying with her four children at a friend’s house.

Crop devastation increases risk of hunger in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Since Hurricane Matthew hit the southwest of Haiti, not much remains of the crops that provided livelihoods for people living in the countryside. The hurricane hit during the second main harvest season, so it will take many months for crops to grow back enough to be eaten.

Cholera and other health problems on the rise in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Infections from injuries sustained in the hurricane aren’t the only health concern Haiti is facing. Cholera cases are on the rise, although there is currently no testing being done to confirm cases, making this challenging to quantify.

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