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Photo of the day: Red Cross helping people affected by fires in Saskatchewan

Forest fires are affecting more than a dozen First Nation communities in Northern Saskatchewan, resulting in evacuations.

The Red Cross is providing emergency assistance such as food, clothing, shelter, referrals, and other necessities on behalf of the Saskatchewan Government for a total of 5,265 people. Our teams are ready to assist others if more communities are impacted.

The story of a cat, a fire and a community helped by Red Cross

The cat in question, Sylvester, a black cat who lived in Dauphin’s Towers Hotel, came back from a near-death experience after he rode the front of the hotel’s second storey down to the ground as it collapsed following a recent fire. The fire left several residents without a home, including the cat.

Reaching Northern communities affected by disasters

We are always thrilled when new volunteers sign up but we were especially excited with some of our most recent recruits in Saskatchewan. There are Red Cross disaster volunteers across the entire country who help ensure assistance is quickly ma...

Photo of the Day: Burning love

While many families and individuals have been affected by the New South Wales Bushfires, the Australian Red Cross is lending lots of love and support to those in need. Hundreds of staff and volunteers are in evacuation centres across New South Wa...

Fire Safety Week: Are you ready for a fire?

Guest entry by Common Cents Mom blogger Hollie Pollard It is Fire Safety Week, and every time I think of fire safety, I am taken back to that June night in Hamilton, Ontario, when a fast moving fire burned the thirty-unit complex that I lived next t...

Video: What it means to be a volunteer

Canadian Red Cross Volunteer, Susan MacKenzie, has responded to disasters across North America.  From the Northern Alberta wildfires to Hurricane Sandy, she is always putting others before herself. Without volunteers like Sandy the Canadian Re...

Hope for recovery from St. Albert, Ontario

Donna Boyd shows off St. Albert cheese curds produced at an interim factory  One of the most important cheese producers in Eastern Ontario and West Quebec, the St. Albert cheese factory, was destroyed in an industrial fire early last week. The commu...

Photo of the Day: Red Cross volunteers provide Support in Tasmania, Australia

Thousands of people have been displaced across Tasmania, in Australia as a result of a number of devastating bushfires. More than 250 homes and buildings have been destroyed, including a school, and dozens of people are still unaccounted for. Aus...

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