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Canadian Red Cross hands over Regional Response Unit in Ecuador

Following  a powerful, 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the province of Esmeraldas, on the coast of Ecuador on April 17, the Red Cross responded to support the needs of those affected by deploying a health Regional Response Unit (RRU) jointly with the Colombian Red Cross. The RRU was deployed to reinforce health centres and community outreach activities as well as to operate satellite health posts and mobile clinics in various locations across Ecuador.

Emergency Response Unit training: Red Crossers from around the world get prepared

The Canadian Red Cross' Emergency Response Unit (ERU) provides emergency medial and surgical care during disasters and emergencies around the world. Training for the ERU involves is extensive and intense,  and  includes an immersive simulated disaster training scenerio. This year, members of other national Red Cross societies joined the ERU training to help strengthen the capacity for their countries' disaster prepardness.

Training the next generation of Red Cross leaders

Participants crouch down in groups on the ground of a hotel in Ottawa with dried spaghetti sticks and marshmallows. The aim of the team-building exercise is to work together to come up with a way to create the highest structure topped by a marshmallow. The exercise is part of a training of future Red Cross Operations Managers.

Building capacity, strengthening Red Cross societies

When we say CERA, we’re talking about Capacity Building for Emergency Response in the Americas Imitative. Recently, a CERA workshop took place that aimed to help better strengthen and prepare National Societies in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Jamaica and Nicaragua for disasters, emergencies and day-to-day operations. 

Photo of the Day: learning to respond to emergencies in Nicaragua

This week the Nicaraguan Red Cross conducted a training with their staff and volunteers in organizing and operating Emergency Operations Centres. 

Celebrating International Development Week: A global movement for a better world

International Development Week is February 7-13 and highlights what Canada and Canadians are doing to make a better world. 

Photo of the Day - Helping communities in South Sudan gain better access to clean water and sanitation

Nicolas Gauvin, a shelter and infrastructure advisor with the Canadian Red Cross, discusses potential sources of clean drinking water in Gogrial, South Sudan with colleagues from the South Sudan Red Cross and community members. 

Women’s community gardens in Gambia grow vegetables and resilient communities

In Gambia, one of Africa's smallest countries, rain-fed subsistence agriculture is the main livelihood for the majority of its population of just under two million people.  An especially poor rainfall in 2011-12 resulted in the majority of the Gambian population not having enough to eat. The Red Cross responded to this emergency with the support of the Government of Canada. A “twin-track approach” was used which ensures people have the food for immediate survival, as well as a supply of good quality seed and fertilizer to meet future needs.

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