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Images from Tomas

We have been watching closely all day, as hurricane Tomas has brushed the western coast of Haiti. Here are the first images we have received from the city of Leogane, where there have been floods.[slideshow]

Food Friday: Flu fighting foods

I definitely haven’t been feeling like my sunny self these past few days fighting belly aches, fever, chills and a sore throat. It’s flu season, and my body has picked up some bug somewhere. So, while I was "belly aching" about my recent bout wit...

Texting in Haiti

Red Cross experts in Haiti have been working around the clock to prepare for the tropical storm, Tomas, expected to hit the vulnerable country this week. In addition to getting emergency supplies ready so that they can be quickly distributed when ...

Blogging from Haiti

* Red Crosser Sophie Chavanel (@sophiechavanel) is currently in Haiti working to help prepare for Tropical Storm Tomas. She has posted these photos and this blog to help keep Canadians aware of what is happening in Haiti. [slideshow] In Haiti, we ...

“Bee”coming the next humanitarians

Bees are little honey-makers, pollinators and picnic-pests. But, we found out this week that the insects can also be humanitarians. What’s all this buzz about? Well, like dogs, bees rely heavily on scent for day-to-day activities. A worker bee’s t...

The Red Cross Round-up

*The Red Cross Round-up is written by Katie Robinson, communications coordinator for the Canadian Red Cross* Taking the lead from our friends at the American Red Cross, we are launching a Canadian version of the Red Cross Round-up. The Round-up wi...

Saving lives with “Stayin’ Alive”

November is CPR Month. All month the team at Red Cross Talks will be sharing CPR-related stories and info. Stay tuned for more! Earlier this year, while taking a CPR course, my instructor Chuck used what I thought was an innovative tool to le...

Remembering the man with the vision

Today marks the 100 years since the passing of Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross movement. As we saw earlier this week, Mr. Dunant sure had a wicked-awesome  beard. But, what are some other noteworthy facts about this Swiss businessman an...

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