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Gift idea #4: Help your dad see in the dark

Keeping in line with disaster preparedness, we think this headlamp from Walmart would be a great gift idea for any dad. He can use it while he’s camping or digging around in his tool box. And if disaster strikes, he’ll be ready!

Gift idea #5: So your dad will be ready when the time comes

If you’ve got a dad like Disaster Dude John Saunders, then he will definitely like to receive a disaster preparedness kit. This kit features over 85 essential items that will help support you during the first 72 hours of an emergency. All item...

Gift idea #6: Gifts for the Mad Golfer

While we’re on the topic of survival kits, we also found this survival kit for the Mad Golfer. The Mad Golfer Survival kit contains:  1 Exploding Golf Ball, 1 Jet Streamer Golf Ball, 1 Unputtable Golf Ball, 1 disappearing golf ball, 1 Eject-A-...

Gift Idea #7: Gifts for the adventurer

And for the adventurer dad, why not make him his own Camping Survival Kit? This kit could contain a thermal blanket, foot warmers, light sticks, and of course, any camper’s survival kit should include this manual for Wilderness and Remote First Aid.

Gift Idea #8: First Aid for any dad

What dad wouldn’t appreciate his own First Aid kit for his car? Here’s one from Red Cross.  Here is a list of other items that could be included in an emergency car kit.

Gift Idea #9: Red polo

My grandfather used to always wear polos and since red is the colour of the Red Cross, why not a red golf shirt for your dad?

Gift idea #10: A Red Cross celebration

This idea comes from Red Crosser Nancy Twerdohlib in Niagara: Why not go all out and have a Red Cross celebration for your dad. She recommends having a BBQ, along with red and white napkins, balloons, even cupcakes - or maybe a Red Cross celebration ...

World Refugee Day

June 20 is World Refugee Day, which aims to bring attention to the plight of the world’s refugees and to offer support, encouragement and respect. Here in Toronto, the Canadian Red Cross helps refugees arriving in the area with the First Contact p...

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