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A small school with a whole lot of heart in Saskatchewan

For the past 38 years, four to five times a year, the Canadian Red Cross office in Saskatoon has been receiving letters from the Dinsmore Red Cross Youth. They are always in a child’s handwriting telling us what they’ve done to help others and include a donation from one of their recent fundraisers. The letters always have great personality and the kids are eager to share what they are doing.

A woman who rocks: Promoting healthy youth relationships

“Knowledge is power! When we know better, we do better,” exclaimed Rebecca Balanko. It is with this mindset that Balanko has delivered the Healthy Youth Relationships workshop, part of the Canadian Red Cross Violence and Abuse Prevention program, to more than 1,000 youth in Alberta. 

Tech savvy toddler saves mom's life

Their hands are small, but don’t let their size fool you. Kids save lives too, in some cases with the help of technology we use every day. 

Bentley Toone may be just barely out of diapers, but this two-year-olds swift action helped save his mother’s life. 

Children combine art and disasters with excellent results

A group of students from St. Andrew elementary school in Regina, Saskatchewan recently combined art and disasters, turning a school project into a successful fundraiser. The children investigated natural disasters throughout history, created a piece of art about their chosen disaster and creatively displayed the facts they discovered. The fundraising event brought in nearly $1,000 for the Canadian Red Cross!

Photo of the Day: How Hanna helped support Typhoon Haiyan

She’s only 8 years old, but she wanted to help out any way that she could. Meet Hanna, a grade 3 student from Saskatchewan. Hanna learned about Typhoon Haiyan during her Social Studies class. After hearing about the devastation in the Philippines, she thought about how she could raise money to help those who were affected.

Photo of the Day: Pint-sized supporters make a super-sized contribution

Whether disaster strikes at home or abroad, Canadians of all stripes (and sizes) are quick to help. When floods hit Calgary in June this year, the kids at Children’s Choice, a non-profit child care society, were no different. After experiencing t...

Photo of the Day: Team building gets dicey for Global Issues Symposium resource leaders

Guest blog by James Park Things are getting a bit dicey for the Global Issues Symposium for Youth team as they partake in a team building exercise to balance five dice on popsicle sticks. Every year, the Canadian Red Cross in British Columbia hosts ...

Photo of the Day: Speaking out to Youth

Earlier this week we shared a video about International Youth Day  and how the IFRC has launched the Your Voice campaign  for individuals all across the globe to voice their opinion on the most important humanitarian priorities for the years to c...

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