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My body is nobody's body but mine

While the memories of childhood can be vague, this song (My Body Is Nobody's Body But Mine) still makes my ears perk up. It may ring familiar with my fellow children of the 80s. For the uninitiated, the song was part of a sexual abuse prevention program aimed at children.

Youth create videos to help Alberta flood recovery

In an effort to help others recover after the floods, teenagers from schools in High River, Calgary, Canmore and Morley are creating short videos detailing their experiences with the disaster. The teenagers' videos are short but say a great deal about the Alberta floods of 2013. They use simple language but express powerful emotions. And this is precisely the point of the arts project funded by the Canadian Red Cross called Youth Creating Disaster Recovery (YCDR).

Making music in Mozambique: Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian of the year

After high school, many graduates head off to college or take a gap year to travel. Jack Bennet, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, dared to do something different. What he accomplished earned him a Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian of the year award.

Calling all kids under 12 – Become part of Canada’s Swim Team

As families prepare for what most people may refer to as the “last weekend of summer”, the Red Cross reminds Canadians that swim season isn’t over yet.

International Youth Day

August 12, 2014 is International Youth Day. See how youth within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement are making a difference around the world.

A small school with a whole lot of heart in Saskatchewan

For the past 38 years, four to five times a year, the Canadian Red Cross office in Saskatoon has been receiving letters from the Dinsmore Red Cross Youth. They are always in a child’s handwriting telling us what they’ve done to help others and include a donation from one of their recent fundraisers. The letters always have great personality and the kids are eager to share what they are doing.

A woman who rocks: Promoting healthy youth relationships

“Knowledge is power! When we know better, we do better,” exclaimed Rebecca Balanko. It is with this mindset that Balanko has delivered the Healthy Youth Relationships workshop, part of the Canadian Red Cross Violence and Abuse Prevention program, to more than 1,000 youth in Alberta. 

Tech savvy toddler saves mom's life

Their hands are small, but don’t let their size fool you. Kids save lives too, in some cases with the help of technology we use every day. 

Bentley Toone may be just barely out of diapers, but this two-year-olds swift action helped save his mother’s life. 

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