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Lifejacket living in photos

So many friends and supporters of the Canadian Red Cross answered our call for photos showing family and friends wearing lifejackets as we marked National Lifejacket Day. 

We compiled some of the great pics shared on social media using #LifeJacketLiving and #LaVieEnGilet. 

Photo of the day: Promoting lifejackets on Parliament Hill

On Monday, May 11, the Canadian Red Cross participated in the fourth annual National Lifejacket and Swim Day on the Hill in Ottawa – an event that brings together Parliamentarians, injury prevention, and swimming organizations, to talk about the importance of lifejacket use in drowning prevention. 

Learning to love my lifejacket

National Lifejacket Day – did you even know there was such a thing?  Just before the May long weekend every year, the Canadian Red Cross works to raise awareness about the importance of wearing lifejackets. Each year, my colleagues and I wear lifejackets to work for the day to prompt conversations about drowning prevention. But being wide and busty, the ones I used to wear sat too high and barely closed.
Until recently, the truth is I hated lifejackets.  

National Lifejacket Day: #LifeJacketLiving, then and now

My grandpa was... a character.

A retired jail guard, he towered over most people and delighted in giving everyone, especially my new boyfriends, the 3rd degree.

His catch phrases – more like a series of not-so-subtle common sense reminders – were a running family joke. At the cottage, you frequently heard his booming voice: “Close the door!” “Turn out the lights!” and, whenever we headed toward the water, “Where’s your lifejacket?”

3 tips to help kids overcome the fear of water

As warmer weather approaches, we start to think about pools, beaches, and open water. Although swimming can provide hours of endless fun, it can also be feared. Follow these three simple tips to help your children enjoy the water. 

Calling all kids under 12 – Become part of Canada’s Swim Team

As families prepare for what most people may refer to as the “last weekend of summer”, the Red Cross reminds Canadians that swim season isn’t over yet.

Kayak safety: Do you know what to do?

You may have seen this recent video of a man who capsized while kayaking that’s making the rounds on social media. Luckily, Max is ok but clearly he did not know what to do. In response, we want to offer some kayak safety dos and don’ts should you find yourself in a similar situation.

Sometimes it takes a team to save a life

April 13, 2014, will forever mark a memorable practice for the Abreast with FORTitude dragon boat team. The team, made up of breast cancer survivors, were midway through a practice when their coach and steersperson heard a man cry for help from the fast-flowing waters of the Fraser River in British Columbia. They quickly jumped to action and paddled fiercely upstream for over 500 metres to reach the man in time. When they were close enough, they threw their extra PFD and a life bag to him and towed him to the safety of a nearby dock. 

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