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Food Friday: A recipe for fundraising success

[slideshow] A team of Red Crossers from Toronto are on a roll with their fundraising efforts for the Mississauga Marathon. The recipe to their success: Jean, Samantha, Radmila, and Erin hosted a lunch where they served handmade vietnamese vegetarian ...

Food Friday: Fondue, FonDON'T!

Last week we were talking about Red Cross Holiday Traditions and we received a great story about a tradition-gone-wrong from Red Crosser Joan Savoie in Ontario. Joan’s family gathers together every year on Christmas Eve to relax and exchange gifts...

Food Friday: Disaster fruitcake

Is your disaster kit ready for the end of the world today? An important part of any disaster kit is food. In a real disaster it could take days or weeks before emergency responders are able to reach you. During this festive time of year, we like ...

Food Friday: When in doubt, add mustard

For all the fun we have at the Canadian Red Cross showing Canadians how to make scrumptious meals with non-perishables and no power, we seem to have forgotten to make disaster dining delicious for disaster responders themselves. 

Food Friday: Chocolate cheesecake in a disaster? Why not!

You may have heard this week that the Canadian Red Cross has been hosting Disaster Dining Challenges across the country as part of the launch of the annual Walmart fundraising campaign. Without using electricity, 'chefs' are challenged to create a di...

Food Friday: What to cook when it’s boiling outside

They’re baaaacck! The hot temperatures that is. Once again this summer, Toronto is under an Extreme Heat Alert. And, recently, other parts of the country have also faced record high temps. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do ...

Food Friday: Keeping cool with a tasty smoothie

*Every Friday is all about food on Red Cross Talks – everything from Red Cross inspired recipes to emergency food tips and solutions Staff at the Canadian Red Cross in Nova Scotia recently got a little lesson in smoothie making. It’s all part of t...

Food Friday: The Red Cross Cookbook

*Every Friday is all about food on Red Cross Talks – everything from Red Cross inspired recipes to emergency food tips and solutionsWe recently found out about this cookbook from the Aurora, ON Historical Society. It was compiled by the ladies of the...

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