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Photo of the day: Getting on top of three deadly outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is currently dealing with three epidemics at once: cholera, measles and yellow fever. The Democratic Republic of Congo Red Cross has been a key partner of their government in the fight against these recurrent epidemics, with hundreds of volunteers raising community-level awareness about preventative measures.

New grad gains experience through volunteering

After graduating from the nursing program at Queens University, Nicole Edwards made some surprising discoveries about community health. Nicole had just returned to her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and was seeking ways to occupy her free time while she looked for a job.  She applied to volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross, and was assigned the role of Community Health Transportation volunteer with the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living program.

The response to Zika: One Canadian Red Crosser’s experience

It’s that time again: the summer Olympics are here! Known for bringing both triumph and tears for athletes around the world, the location of the 2016 Games is also raising concerns about the Zika. While the World Health Organization (WHO) has said the Rio Olympics will not alter the international spread of Zika, efforts to limit the virus’s effects across the region remain as important as ever.

Delivering community health, with Aviva Canada’s help

In Canada, people over the age of 65 are one of the fastest growing age groups – this means health care needs are changing across the country. Red Cross Community Health and Wellness programs are playing an increasingly important role in addressing the needs of this growing population, and thanks to support from Aviva Canada we are able to expand the work we’re doing.

Conquering a confusing world

For those who can’t hear what’s going on around them – or who hear only muffled, jumbled sounds, the world can be a confusing or even unfriendly place. And when that comes on top of the stress and uncertainty of being evacuated from your home, things can be even worse.That’s the situation some Fort McMurray residents found themselves in after losing or leaving behind the hearing aids that help make life better. But with the help of two local companies, sounds around them are now more clear.

Celebrating International Development Week: A global movement for a better world

International Development Week is February 7-13 and highlights what Canada and Canadians are doing to make a better world. 

Women’s community gardens in Gambia grow vegetables and resilient communities

In Gambia, one of Africa's smallest countries, rain-fed subsistence agriculture is the main livelihood for the majority of its population of just under two million people.  An especially poor rainfall in 2011-12 resulted in the majority of the Gambian population not having enough to eat. The Red Cross responded to this emergency with the support of the Government of Canada. A “twin-track approach” was used which ensures people have the food for immediate survival, as well as a supply of good quality seed and fertilizer to meet future needs.

5 things I’ve learned about having the flu

It’s an unavoidable part of the year, full of used tissues, cups of tea, and daytime TV. Now that I’ve had my share of colds and the flu, I feel like I’ve learned my share – here’s the top five things I’ve learned about having the flu.

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