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Photo of the day: opening a field hospital in Greece to support refugee crisis

​The Red Cross opened a field hospital on Saturday in the small village of Idomeni, Greece, close to the border of Macedonia, in order to provide support to refugees arriving in, and transiting through the country. Already 500 patients have been seen to date. The hospital, which has a child-friendly space, will provide basic health care, as well as psycho-social services.

Ready to dine during a disaster? Join our #DisasterDining contest

In an emergency, you may not have electricity to cook standard meals for your family or yourself – what delicious and nutritious meals would you ‘cook’ up?
Join in our contest by using #DisasterDining to share your recipe as text, photo or video. The seven entries with the most votes will be eligible to win a $25 Walmart gift card or disaster preparedness kit.

Persistence and patience bring tears and new beginnings

Aziq, his wife, his two school-aged children and his 6-month old baby travelled overland from Syria to Germany in search of protection and safety.  They were among the first-recorded refugees to arrive in what the German Red Cross has established as a “buffer camp”, where refugees register and apply for asylum if intending to stay in Germany. After they have taken these steps, they may make their own way elsewhere in Germany, or go on to one of 300 smaller camps throughout the country. 

Refugee crisis: How and why we’re helping

Here are some of the ways we’re helping respond to the refugee crisis and why it’s part of our mission to help protect humanity in times of crisis.

World Disasters Report 2015: focus on local aid

Released today by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), this year’s World Disasters Report takes a look at the importance of local actors, individuals and local groups such as National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, taking action as first responders at the scene of a crisis.

Red Cross volunteer Lynn Henderson shares experiences from a month in Nepal

With 20 other highly-trained Red Cross delegates, plus a mobile field hospital and operating theatre, Lynn flew into Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu shortly after the first earthquake.

Within a few days, an entire Basic Health Care facility had taken shape near the remote village of Khokundole. The night they finished, Lynn pulled on her toque and climbed into a sleeping bag, knowing her real work would start the next day.

Photo of the day: a little hope in Syria

While on a planning mission in May this year, Maya Helwani, from the Canadian Red Cross, along with a volunteer from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), were in Homs, Syria.  Astonishingly, they found a small white flower growing amongst the rubble, and they shared a moment of hopefulness together.

Influential Manitoba humanitarian receives legacy award

A lawyer from rural Manitoba, John MacAulay’s hard work and dedication led him to become a leader in the Red Cross movement — even accepting a Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the Red Cross.

Manitoba recognizes two selfless humanitarians of the year

Canadian Red Cross Humanitarian of the Year Larry McIntosh and Young Humanitarian of the Year Rhianna Holter-Ferguson say helping others is a highly rewarding experience and they encourage others to get involved.

Photos: Red Cross helping refugees in Europe

Thousands of people are arriving in Europe every week to escape conflict and violence in their home countries. The majority of displaced people are from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, many of whom are children and women.

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