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Tears Fog Up My Protective Goggles: Canadian Nurse Writes from Ebola Treatment Centre

The days are flying by, a blur of highs and lows. We move from gut-wrenching tragedy to clapping, dancing celebration in the three steps it takes to cross between patients. Three steps more, back to tragedy again.
Yesterday, we had a six-year-old girl arrive in an ambulance full of suspected Ebola cases. She came with no contact information. We weren’t even sure of her name. Today, she died with one of our team, dressed in full protective gear, holding her hand.

Stories of Surviving Ebola

Despite contracting Ebola, many patients in West Africa are recovering from the virus and returning to their lives with joy and a bit of fear due to stigmatization.

Mamadou and Patricia share their journey to recovery and reintegration into their community.

Helping People To Hope: Canadian Nurse Writes From Ebola Treatment Centre in Sierra Leone

Patrice Gordon, a British Columbia nurse practitioner and Red Cross delegate, is currently working at the Red Cross Ebola treatment centre in Kenema, Sierra Leone. She writes:

"I want a magic wand to get rid of this virus. But I'm glad I'm here. We are helping to give people their greatest chance for survival. It's hard to feel fully human inside our PPE (protective gear), but people can feel our touch, hear our voices, and see our eyes caring for them. We are helping people to still hope, when they have many reasons to feel hopeless."

Giving What Matters: Our Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re still looking for some great and meaningful gift ideas to show someone you truly care, here are some of our suggestions:

Typhoon Hagupit: Philippine Red Cross volunteers on the frontline

As Typhoon Hagupit swept across the Philippines this week with millions of people bracing themselves for the storm’s onslaught, Jiferson Cueto was among the hundreds of specially trained Philippine Red Cross volunteers stationed in areas yet to be hit by Hagupit.

Sign the pledge for a national strategy on violence prevention

The Canadian Red Cross is supporting the efforts of Prevention of Violence Canada in a petition for a national strategy on violence prevention. These efforts include a charter with a goal of 1 million people signing on in support.

From food bank client to support worker: Martha Gutierrez’s remarkable Red Cross journey

Martha Gutierrez knows the importance of the Canadian Red Cross’ Mobile Food Bank, better than almost anyone. Seventeen years ago, Martha and her family were refugees to Canada. She, her two young children and her husband fled their home in Mexico to seek safety after political turbulence.

Dancing to Michael Jackson amidst Ebola

Katherine Mueller is a Canadian aid worker with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Africa and was deployed to Sierra Leone to support the Red Cross response to the Ebola virus disease outbreak. Katherine discusses her experiences in a place of great need and hope.

More Clues About Muggins, the Amazing Red Cross Dog

Last month, we told the story of Muggins, the famous Canadian Red Cross fundraising dog from Victoria, British Columbia.
During the First World War, he raised more than $21,000 (about $400,000 now), just trotting around town alone with two donation boxes on his back. He often visited ferries and freightliners arriving in Victoria, and grew so famous that overseas visitors would ask for the little white Spitz dog. When Muggins eventually died in 1920, his body was preserved by a professional taxidermist, and that is where the story seemed to end last time. But now we’ve uncovered more clues!

Photo of the Day: Nursing in Red Cross Ebola treatment centre

In September, the Red Cross opened its first Ebola treatment centre in Kenema, Sierra Leone, a district hard-hit by the outbreak. Toronto nurse Kirsty Robertson is a Canadian Red Cross delegate on a short-term deployment in the centre to aid in the Ebola response.

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