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9 ways you can prepare for winter weather

According to recent polling by the Red Cross, two thirds of Canadians say they have not taken steps to prepare in the event of a disaster, like a severe winter storm. Are you and your family prepared for a weather-related emergency?

Highway Hero Saves Life Using CPR

Ed Lochhead knows the importance of CPR because it saved his wife’s life.
In August, the couple was driving from Calgary to Vancouver for a much-anticipated vacation. On a remote stretch of highway in British Columbia, Ed noticed his wife, Janice, was suddenly quiet. He turned to find her unconscious and in cardiac arrest.

Ed frantically chased down a passing truck. The driver immediately called 911 and performed lifesaving CPR.

Displaced Iraqis in urgent need of help

The minute I step into Khanqeh Camp in Northern Iraq, I’m surrounded by elderly men and women, expecting mothers and children - some the age of my own kids. Rapid advances of militant groups in Iraq have forced them to flee their homes, leaving behind most of their personal belongings and all the things they hold dear.

My body is nobody's body but mine

While the memories of childhood can be vague, this song (My Body Is Nobody's Body But Mine) still makes my ears perk up. It may ring familiar with my fellow children of the 80s. For the uninitiated, the song was part of a sexual abuse prevention program aimed at children.

Preparing for winter emergencies: How we help during power outages

As winter approaches, along with the annual threat of snow storms and extended power outages, the Canadian Red Cross is ready to help, just as they did recently when thousands of Calgarians were plunged into darkness.

Garth Tohms: Turning wrenches, turning fear around in Sierra Leone

Garth Tohms turns wrenches to fix water pipes, turns a good phrase in his blog and through his work as a humanitarian with the Canadian Red Cross, has helped turn peoples’ lives around in various places. Garth has deployed as a technician with the Red Cross’ Emergency Response Unit to the Philippines and South Sudan, and, most recently to Sierra Leone.

Photo exhibition: War from the Victims' Perspective

Visually capturing the effects of war, a collection of photographs entitled ‘War from the Victims' Perspective’ by Jean Mohr, will be on display from October 30th to February 10th to mark the 150th anniversary of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Manitoba Disaster Management trailer sets off for a makeover

The Manitoba Disaster Management trailer recently rolled out of the Red Cross Winnipeg office, heading east to Ontario, ready for a dramatic makeover.

World Disasters Report looks at culture in disaster risk reduction

This year’s World Disasters Report, released by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), takes on a challenging theme of looking at how culture affects disaster risk reduction, and how disasters and risk influence culture.

The story of a cat, a fire and a community helped by Red Cross

The cat in question, Sylvester, a black cat who lived in Dauphin’s Towers Hotel, came back from a near-death experience after he rode the front of the hotel’s second storey down to the ground as it collapsed following a recent fire. The fire left several residents without a home, including the cat.

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