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Red Cross Increases Response to Ebola Outbreak in Guinea

Red Cross has increased its response to help limit the spread of Ebola cases in Guinea, a west African country, since the outbreak began three weeks ago. This latest outbreak of the virus, which is highly infectious and can spread quickly through contact with infected persons or animals, has resulted in over 100 fatalities 

Volunteer Rose Thompson Wears Many Hats, Including At Times A Party Hat

Rose Thompson, a volunteer with the London branch, knows how to throw a party. Last summer, the White Oaks Walmart store in London exceeded its Red Cross fundraising goal, due in large part, to Rose’s efforts.

A Hero Among Us

Sirens piercing, phones ringing, and voices shouting above the din. People rushing in and out of chaos – hyper-focused on the urgency of their tasks. Enter Donald Bourne – an emergency response senior advisor for the Red Cross – who thrives in crisis situations. Bourne has worked on everything from fires and floods in Alberta to conflict zones and disasters around the world.

Volunteer Jim Lanthier: Retirement Meant Spending More Time Volunteering

When he retired, Jim Lanthier knew he was now able to realize a lifelong desire to volunteer all his free time and chose to help the Canadian Red Cross in disaster management.

Volunteer overcomes obstacles to help others

Physical disability has not stopped Cherri Lynn Hocken from volunteering for the Canadian Red Cross. She has now dedicated more than 15 years with the organization.

PEI volunteer Erin Kielly found friendships and a place to grow at Red Cross

Erin Kielly is a strong, proud Red Cross volunteer on Prince Edward Island. Erin began volunteering with Red Cross following her graduation from university, first in disaster management and subsequently as a member of the Red Cross Provincial Advisory Council and the Atlantic Council.

Volunteer Rose Benson Shows No Sign of Slowing Down After 30 Years with Red Cross

Having recently turned 82, Canadian Red Cross volunteer Rose Benson has given thought to slowing down but she is too busy to give it much thought as she keeps active in multiple programs organized by the Red Cross.

A Tradition That Keeps on Giving

Jane Belyk delicate fingers weave effortlessly between her needle and wool. Her scarf is nearly done – dancing colours of blue, green and a pale yellow fill her design. She is among a group of seven ladies sitting around a table at the Canadian Red Cross office in Calgary, like they do every Tuesday, knitting blankets and other material to local community groups, such as the Sheldon Kennedy Advocacy Centre and Raido Youth Transition House.

Volunteer Jen Duke Holmes Capturing Compassion

Not only has Canadian Red Cross volunteer Jennifer Duke Holmes been able to support the Red Cross as a disaster management volunteer, but she has also used her expertise in film production to capture the Red Cross on video.

Volunteer Angelo Hsu Dedicates Free Time to Community

Canadian Red Cross volunteer Angelo Hsu has always understood the importance of community, especially in times of need.  When the ice storms hit Toronto in December 2013, Angelo spent approximately 380 hours over the course of the power outage helping others.

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