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The story of a woman, a man, and a snake: challenging Ebola myths

A woman living in the far eastern regions of Sierra Leone was going on a trip. As a member of something similar to a regional council, her duties often took her away from home. As she bid goodbye to her husband, she looked him in the eye and very seriously told him about a box that was in their room beside their bed. She told him that under no uncertain terms was he to open the box while she was gone.

Keeping my cool with no air conditioner

The summer’s sun is what gets me through Canadian winters. When my friend decided to get married in Cuba in July, I embraced the imminent heat with a welcoming ‘bring it on’.  Most days I don’t use my little air conditioner, but when it broke recently and temperatures reached into the 30s, I had to get practical about keeping my cool.

Quick thinking saves a life and leads to a Rescuer Award

The quick thinking and heroism Jared Nieboer displayed on a crisp Saturday morning in October was recently recognized by the Canadian Red Cross.  The Alberta man was presented with a Red Cross Rescuer Award last month for the actions he took to save a man from a car accident.

Ebola Virus Explained: Q & A

The Red Cross, along with other humanitarian agencies, is working to stop the spread of Ebola, a deadly and highly contagious disease. Here is a recent post from the British Red Cross explaining commonly asked questions regarding the outbreak and what Red Cross is doing to help.

Volunteer Spotlight: Réjean Bourque in Lac-Mégantic

Many people were affected in the Lac-Mégantic disaster, including Réjean Bourque who began volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross from July 6, 2013 when he saw his community in need.

Packing to Respond to Emergencies: One Red Crosser Shares Her Experience

Red Crosser Nicole Robicheau discusses the importance of being prepared when deployed to respond to an emergency here at home or abroad. Here is a Q&A with the international traveler:

FCL partnership helps with flood responses in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

With thanks to the support provided by Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), trained Red Cross volunteers responded immediately to the flooding in Saskatchewan and Manitoba with prepositioned goods such as cots, blankets, clean-up and hygiene kits.  Red Cross has already provided thousands of clean-up kits and hygiene kits to communities in both provinces.  Red Cross outreach teams are continuing to meet with families impacted by the flooding to determine what additional help will be needed as they begin to recover in the weeks and months ahead.

A small school with a whole lot of heart in Saskatchewan

For the past 38 years, four to five times a year, the Canadian Red Cross office in Saskatoon has been receiving letters from the Dinsmore Red Cross Youth. They are always in a child’s handwriting telling us what they’ve done to help others and include a donation from one of their recent fundraisers. The letters always have great personality and the kids are eager to share what they are doing.

Photo of the Day: Support for Displaced in Iraq

Hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq have needed vital support after the escalation of violence and unrest in the region has forced thousands of families to flee their homes, prompting assistance from multiple Red Crescent societies.

Red Cross Opens Flood Recovery Centres in Saskatchewan

Thousands of people in Saskatchewan are starting to clean up after the floods, and the Canadian Red Cross is helping, focusing on providing help not available through other programs or insurance.

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