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Food Friday: There’s nothing like a BBQ to start the long weekend!

Red Crossers Colleen Lowe and Terrellyn Fearn grilled up a storm during a special summer BBQ celebration. More than 75 staff at the Ontario Red Cross head office took a break to enjoy the summer weather (or should we call it the it’s-not-winter weather?!) and burgers, hot dogs and other goodies. 

Any time, any place..but, the toilet?

To be a Red Crosser sometimes means you have to be ingenious about getting the job done, especially in a disaster response. And job location flexibility is always an asset when you work with a global humanitarian response agency.

Volunteer Spotlight: Debbie, Donna and Sharon

Debbie Smith, Donna Doak and Sharon McDougall are Red Cross disaster response volunteers from Brockville who have been volunteering their time to help those who have been evacuated from their homes in northern Ontario due to flooding.

Evacuating Kashechewan: One Family's Story

When 17-year-old Janie Inishinapay was forced to evacuate from her northern Ontario home in Kashechewan earlier this week because of extensive flooding, her first priority was ensuring the safety of her infant son, Rysen, who has cerebral palsy.

Northern Ontario Update: Red Cross supporting those evacuated from their homes

More than 200 Red Crossers continue their efforts to provide support to approximately 2,500 people forced to evacuate their homes in the First Nation communities of Kashechewan and Attawapiskat because of spring flooding.

Photo of the Day: Red Cross assisting Kashechewan residents after flooding

Canadian Red Cross disaster response volunteers are providing assistance to approximately 1,500 people from the Northern Ontario community of Kashechewan which experienced severe flooding earlier this week. Evacuees are being sheltered in host communities across Ontario, including Thunder Bay, Cornwall, Greenstone and Kapuskasing.

Food Friday: Philippine favourites for the holidays

Considering the recent news from the Philippines, I thought to dedicate a Food Friday post to Filipino foods as a way to share part of the culture and to keep the Philippines in our minds over the holidays.
While many of us are celebrating the holidays, the Red Cross continues the important work of helping the country recover from the deadly typhoon. A dedicated Canadian medical team is spending the holidays in Ormoc where a Red Cross field hospital has been set up.

Update: Red Cross Warming Centres Open to Provide Relief from Ice Storm

The Red Cross continue to help those affected by the ice storm by supporting 10 of the City’s warming centers across Toronto. Approximately 800 people stayed in those centres last night. In addition, Red Cross volunteers are also supporting 14 sites in southern Ontario, outside of the city.

Food Friday: A sweet surprise for the holidays

Canadian Red Cross Meals on Wheels staff and volunteers in Mississauga, Ontario, will have a sweet surprise this week. Community Services Coordinator Tara Monks-Cansfield spent the past weekend with her two young daughters, Fiona and Ciara, baking up a batch of their family’s special butter cookies. The cookies were packaged along with cards made by the girls to thank staff and volunteers for their hard work.

Food Friday: Home-cooking on the east coast for the holidays

The holidays have a way of sneaking up on us sometimes. Next thing you know, there are a lot of cookie swaps going on, fruit cakes in stores and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate... everywhere!

I checked in with some Red Crossers to find out what’s on their plates for the holidays. Canadian Red Cross Emergency Response Unit delegate, Lynn Henderson, is sharing the recipe for her family tradition – homemade bagels.

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