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Video: Donations make a difference in the fight against Ebola

​Thanks to the generous support of Canadians and the government of Canada, the Red Cross has been making an impact in the fight against the Ebola outbreak. From preparedness and awareness activities to treating people with Ebola at Red Cross-run treatment centres, the response has been tremendous -- and is not yet over.

Share your Words Against Ebola

Hope, solidarity, dignity, knowledge, love, compassion. These words have been crucial in supporting the communities affected by the Ebola outbreak. And these words have inspired a new Red Cross Red Crescent campaign called Words Against Ebola.

A behind-the-scenes look at Canadian Ebola fighters

We’ve introduced you to many Red Cross Ebola fighters over the past year. Whether they’re medical professionals, technicians or administrators, these Red Cross aid workers have all played a part in helping people in West Africa recover from the outbreak and stop the spread of the virus.

Highlights from bullying prevention Twitter chat

On February 25th, parents, educators and some of our partners who work in the field of bullying prevention education and awareness joined us for a Twitter chat as we marked Pink Shirt Day. Here are hightlights from the Twitter conversation, compiled through Storify. Thanks to all the participants, including Red Cross social ambassador and author of book on parenting and mental health, Ann Douglas. 

You probably don’t have Ebola if...

Ebola has been one of the most talked about health emergencies in the past year, but unless you’ve been in close contact with an infected person, you are very unlikely to contract the virus. There are many myths and fears surrounding the Ebola outbreak, both in the affected region of West Africa and in our own country. These fears are hampering efforts to fight the disease.

Photo of the Day: Winter brings new challenges in Syria

Much like in Canada, the weather over the past few weeks in Syria has included snow, freezing temperatures and at times heavy rain. Despite the cold weather, Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers continue to provide much needed assistance, including distributing blankets, tarps and other relief items to help families stay warm and providing emergency medical care.

Haiti recovering five years after devastating earthquake

It was the largest Red Cross response ever to a single country. The Red Cross helped one in two Haitians, about five million people. After the 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, individual Canadians and governments generously donated $222 million to the Canadian Red Cross to support the tremendous emergency and recovery efforts. 

Fight Ebola by spreading facts, not fears

While much of the attention around the current Ebola outbreak has been on treating patients, combating the fears, stigma and myths associated with the virus is another important component of the Red Cross response.

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