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Friendship born out of shared passion for helping people

​There is an unlikely friendship -  Alzinia Pailin is an American Red Cross volunteer from California and Marie Bernatchez is a French speaking Canadian Red Cross volunteer from Quebec. But after being paired together on a three-week deployment in the small town of Lac La Biche, south of Fort McMurray, as part of the Alberta fire response, the two women found much common ground including their work as Red Cross volunteers and quickly became friends.

How Red Cross is helping Syrian refugees arriving in Canada

Here's an overview of the services the Canadian Red Cross will provide to Syrian refugees arriving in Canada in the coming weeks and months.  

How building capacity leads to better outcomes in disasters

How do some countries and regions escape relatively unscathed from major disasters, while others struggle to recover from these events? Many factors are at play, and while it’s impossible to compare one disaster with another, it’s clear that the level of preparedness and the local capacity to respond quickly to the disaster can significantly improve the outcomes.

Tech Talk: How technology is helping Syrian refugees

The current refugee crisis is highlighting how important technology, including smart phones, social media and the Internet, has become to people affected by humanitarian crises.

Refugee crisis: Red Cross in action

Millions of Syrians are displaced both inside Syria and increasingly in neighbouring countries and Europe. An estimated 350,000 people have entered Europe so far this year, fleeing conflict in Syria, but also arriving from Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of Africa. These include many women, children and families.

Photos: Canadian Red Cross shipping relief items to aid refugees in Germany

The Canadian Red Cross is shipping 20,000 relief items (cots and blankets) to support the German Red Cross response to the refugee crisis.

Photo of the day: Red Cross responding to flooding in Myanmar

Heavy rains and damage from Cyclone Komen have caused extensive flooding and landslides in many parts of Myanmar. The Myanmar Red Cross Society is estimating that 178,000 people have been affected across 12 regions and states. It is expected that the number of people affected by this disaster will increase in the coming days as Red Cross teams reach remote areas and assess the damage.

Photo of the day: Red Cross helping people affected by fires in Saskatchewan

Forest fires are affecting more than a dozen First Nation communities in Northern Saskatchewan, resulting in evacuations.

The Red Cross is providing emergency assistance such as food, clothing, shelter, referrals, and other necessities on behalf of the Saskatchewan Government for a total of 5,265 people. Our teams are ready to assist others if more communities are impacted.

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