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Red Cross teams at the forefront of the Ebola response in Guinea

Mamadou Saidon Bah wakes up each morning not knowing if he will spend his day grading student assignments and preparing lectures for his work as a teacher, or if he will instead lead a group of young volunteers from the local Red Cross branch on a mission to collect the body of yet another victim of the growing Ebola epidemic.

Ebola response: Hands-on in a world without touch

How many times did you touch someone today: a family member, a friend, a colleague, the person beside you on the bus? How many times did you rub your eyes, touch your lips, scratch your nose? A world without touch is strange thing, and a humanitarian mission where you’re not allowed to touch other people is both physically and mentally challenging.

Canadian Red Cross worker journeys to Guinea to support Ebola relief

Sometimes getting there is half the battle. In reality the journey is more like one per cent of the battle, but when flights stand between you and your mission, it can feel like the biggest battle of all. I'm five flights into a seven-leg journey to Conakry, the capital of Ebola-affected Guinea, with every flight bringing me closer to supporting the regional Red Cross team providing services to the West African countries affected by the outbreak.

World Health Day: Preventing the spread of dengue around the globe

Natural disasters like storms, earthquakes and floods make news around the world, but health emergencies are silently affecting hundreds of millions of lives every year. The recent Ebola outbreak in Guinea—which the Red Cross is working to help contain—is a rare example of public health emergencies becoming global news. One of the most silent, and rapidly growing, health emergencies in the spread of dengue fever, a disease spread by mosquitos.

Emergency field hospital handed over to Philippine Red Cross

More than three months after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, the Canadian Red Cross has handed over the field hospital it deployed in November 2013 to the Philippine Red Cross. This will allow the Philippine Red Cross to provide basic health care to a community of 30,000 people in the event of a future emergency. 

What's Clint Eastwood's superpower? Abdominal thrusts.

Clint Eastwood is a force to be reckoned with, known for his acting, directing and now...abdominal thrusting. While the world was recovering from the Super Bowl and preparing for the start of the Sochi Olympics, Clint Eastwood was using his first aid skills to save a life. When the director of a local golf tournament began to choke on a piece of cheese, the film icon sprung into action, performing three textbook-perfect abdominal thrusts to save his friend.

Reality check: Ice safety myths

Keeping safe on and around the ice is a critical life skill for many of us here in the Great White North. Regardless, myths abound. Here are a few of the more common myths about ice safety. Remember, ice is never 100% safe, so exercise caution at all times.

Innovations in disaster response and recovery continue four years after Haiti's earthquake

When disasters strike and the world rushes to help, emergency responders often feel the pressure to rebuild quickly, but building back better takes time. That’s why the Red Cross sent state-of-the-art emergency medical teams to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake four years ago, and again months later when cholera broke out across the country. These shorter-term missions allowed us to provide life-saving care to families in need, while also taking the time to properly plan longer-term recovery projects to help communities not just return to their pre-earthquake lives, but to actually improve families’ lives for many years to come.

Dispatch from the Philippines: "If it was easy, someone else would have done it"

Gwen Eamer, a delegate with the Canadian Red Cross, is currently deployed to Ormoc, Philippines. You can support Red Cross efforts in the Philippines by donating to the Typhoon Haiyan Fund.  When we arrived in Ormoc, on the hard-hit island of Leyt...

Delegate Profile: Tamara Bournival, medical logistician

Tamara Bournival is among the delegates currently deployed in the Philippines to support the Canadian Red Cross Emergency Response Unit (ERU) field hospital. Tamara is the perfect person to have in charge of medical logistics on this mission t...

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