Community Voices celebrates how communities in Southeast Asia are building their own resiliency. Disasters and emergencies can happen anywhere at any time, and part of being prepared is making sure communities have the capacity to respond when needed.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent is working in communities to help strengthen that capacity. Here are some stories from these communities.

Women-led fire brigade in Myanmar

A house fire can be disastrous no matter where you live. In this neighbourhood in Myanmar, a community response to this risk is a local fire brigade – led by women.


Turning garbage into flowers in Indonesia

In a community where improperly discarded garbage was causing disease, this program found a way to manage waste in a way that turns trash into treasures.


Preparing for potential disasters in Philippines

When your community is at-risk for natural disasters, it’s important to be prepared. The Red Cross is working this school to help them be ready, and even learn how to prevent some disasters from happening.


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