When a disaster or emergency hits, humanitarians are quick to act. Everyday Canadians travel across the world to offer their skills and expertise to vulnerable people. Faces of Humanity is a new campaign that showcases the work of Canadians who are providing life-saving assistance around the world.

What is Faces of Humanity?

man stands in a mechanical room. Text beside man says I reunited a family at a refugee camp #FacesofHumanity

Faces of Humanity explores Canada’s humanitarian story through the personal accounts of Canadian Red Cross workers who responded to emergencies and disasters. From doctors who provided critically-needed healthcare, to engineers and electricians who supplied clean water and electricity, these aid workers helped to fight Ebola in West Africa, responded to the devastating earthquake in Nepal, or supported Syrian refugees as they fled violence and war.

Want to get involved? Events are taking place across Canada, including talks from aid workers and exhibits featuring striking photos of these humanitarians. We will also be profiling the work of these aid workers here on Red Cross Talks.

nurse holds a baby in a hospital. Text beside woman says I delivered the first baby in Nepal after the earthquake #FacesofHumanity

Share these images through your social media accounts  and use the #FacesofHumanity hashtag to help spread the word about Faces of Humanity and the amazing work of these aid workers.
This project was made possible through the generous support of the Government of Canada.