We always emphasize the importance of having an emergency plan and kit for you and your family, but part of being prepared for an emergency is also having a plan in place to help protect your furry loved ones.

The Canadian Red Cross wants to help you #beready to protect your pets in an emergency by helping you prepare a “Pet Grab & Go Kit”. These items will help keep your pet safe and comfortable and help prevent excess stress in the event of an emergency.

Your kit should include:

  • portable pet carrier (store the following items in the carrier)
  • vaccination record, required ID or license/vaccination tags
  • collar, leash and muzzle
  • pet food for a minimum of three days
  • water (minimum of one gallon per day per animal for a minimum of three days)
  • kitty litter/containers
  • food/water dishes
  • newspaper, plastic bags, cleanser and disinfectants (free of ammonia)
  • medications
  • current photo showing distinctive markings or unique characteristics
  • blanket, towels or pet bed
  • familiar toys

Ensuring your pet’s vaccinations and identification tags are up-to-date are great ways to keep your pet safe even in non-emergency situations. The same applies to having a list of safe places including hotels, kennels, or the home of a friend where you can bring your pet. In an emergency or evacuation, having a plan for your pets may help you keep them safe.