Meet one of our volunteers Joallore Alon. Joallore volunteers with the Red Cross, however he holds a volunteer position that most people are probably not familiar with. He is a member of the Canadian Red Cross Twitter Team – a group of keen Twitter users who are passionate about the Red Cross.

Joallore first became involved with the Red Cross through social media about three years ago. "Some people believe volunteering requires you to be physically there and working hands on. Social media allows us another avenue to provide assistance," said Joallore. "We can use technology to create awareness, which then effects positive change."

Talk about positive change. For two years in a row, not only has Joallore helped share important updates on emergencies the Red Cross is responding to, but he also has hosted ‘CPR tweet-ups’. The tweet-ups are CPR courses offered specifically to Twitter friends allowing them to get certified and tweet while they’re at it. "Someone in my family had been affected by heart disease. I saw this as my chance to use social media for social good," said Joallore.

He also helped with the Emergency Preparedness Week “Save Your Fanny” campaign. Check out his blog post here.

Thanks for your commitment to the Red Cross, Joallore!