Brittany Graul might be the ambassador for Canada’s Greatest Bavarian Festival, but she’s also a champion for making sure families are prepared to take care of themselves in the event of a disaster.

Brittany recently participated in the Disaster Dining Challenge at the Kitchener Walmart store along with MPP John Milloy, Andrew Coppolino of the Kitchener Post and Kirstie Herbstreit from the Culinary Studio. In less than  half an hour, Miss Oktoberfest whipped up a tasty wrap, a bean medley salad and a granola-topped fruity dessert using only items that would be found in an emergency preparedness kit.

The event raised awareness about the importance of planning for emergency situations when you might not have access to fresh food, running water or electricity. Visit to find out how to prepare your family for an emergency. And for those who enjoy the beverages associated with Oktoberfest, it’s worth noting that you could always add beer to your own emergency preparedness kit!