Geolocation technology is super useful in emergencies and many other situations. However, it can sometimes go awry and lead to some random and occasionally hilarious results.

This morning, as we were going about our usual business of reading tweets related to the Canadian Red Cross, we noticed a tweet from none other than entertainer @SnoopDogg tagging himself at the Canadian Red Cross with an Instagram pic. His tweet read: Let’s take a shower! and featured a naked woman posing in a shower. It was pretty funny but clearly had little to do with the Canadian Red Cross.

We're not certain, but we think Snoop’s geolocation mistook his actual location for our Canadian Red Cross office in Red Deer, Alberta, the city where he is slated to perform this evening.

That photo has since been taken down so we had a little fun of our own and decided to create this new one, a little less sexy! It features Snoop Dogg with our very own water safety mascot Buckles on Parliament Hill.

Moral of the story: be careful when using geolocation and geolocation sites!

Snoop Dogg meets Buckles