If your hometown suddenly turned into a scene from Night of the Living Dead, how would you survive?

The British Columbia government believes if you are prepared for a fictional zombie attack, then you are prepared for any real disaster that might come your way - which is why it is using zombies as a fun way to teach its residents about emergency preparedness. 

It recently launched a website including preparedness tips, emergency related photos, YouTube videos and a guest blog based on a fake zombie attack in BC.

This isn’t the first time that zombies have been used as an emergency preparedness education tool. Last year, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention blogged about zombies and emergency preparedness as a way to encourage Americans to prepare for hurricane season.

Disasters can happen when you least expect them. Every year, the Canadian Red Cross responds to thousands of disasters across Canada – from house fires and floods to hurricanes and tornadoes (no zombie attacks yet!). The best way for families to be prepared is to learn their local risks, make a plan and build an emergency kit. By all of us using our braaaaaiiinnnss and being prepared, we can be ready for anything that Mother Nature throws our way. 

Have a safe week and watch out for zombies!