There has been a lot of buzz this past week about fanny packs being the hottest emergency preparedness accessory.

While no one can deny that fanny packs are very hip, there is another emergency accessory that’s also making some noise: Radios.  “Radios are not an accessory”, you say? Then, you were not a child of the 80s. (Take a look at the photo on the right).

A radio is a must-have for your emergency preparedness kit; it never goes out of style. During an emergency, a lot of important information is transmitted by radio. Having an operational radio on-hand helps keep you and your family safe and in “the know” - especially during the important first 72-hours following a disaster.

A Canadian Red Cross emergency radio

Unlike the boom boxes of the past, today’s radios are compact and can do more. The Canadian Red Cross sells radios that are also flashlights and can charge cell phones. Bonus: The radios are made to pick up the weather band frequencies that have weather alerts on them issued by Environment Canada. Another bonus: If you run out of batteries, all you need to do is crank them by hand to keep them powered. They can also run on solar energy.

I must admit, if there was a blackout, I would have a hard time finding my fanny pack without my radio-flashlight. Just sayin’.

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Let's remember how cool the radio is!