Bullying has been a prevalent topic in the media in recent years, with a number of high-profile and tragic stories, even here in Canada.

To explore all of this, Lee Hirsch, an award-winning American filmmaker, has created a documentary called “Bully” (http://www.thebullyproject.com/).  The film centres on the lives of three teens and two parents whose lives have been negatively impacted because of bullying.  

The film was shown at several film festivals last year (including the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto) and is set to be released in select theatres in March.  

We haven’t seen this film yet, so we can’t give a review at this point. However, we do think it’s very important for there to be discussions about bullying, the impacts it can have on people and how it can be stopped. Our website has lots of tips and info for kids, teachers and parents. 

Have you seen this film yet? We would love to hear your thoughts.