Students at Campbell Collegiate in Regina, Saskatchewan thought of an imaginative way to send out a strong anti-bullying message. Inspired by a visit from the Canadian Red Cross, 16 students in an entrepreneurship class got together to create a non-profit business focused on anti-bullying education.

Entrepreneurship teacher, Carrissa Holinaty says her students wanted to raise bullying awareness among younger students while also raising $2,300 for Red Cross anti-bullying work.

Student Somiya Tabbasumsays that for each donation received, students collected a helium balloon. “The donations we received were represented by bouquets of balloons that were released on the final day,” she explains. “The symbolic message behind releasing the balloons was that we have to let go of all the negative experiences of bullying, and emerge as strong individuals.”

The Canadian Red Cross promotes anti-bullying education through RespectED, a program that aims to stop bullying before it starts. In Saskatchewan, Red Cross bullying prevention teams visit schools throughout the province, bringing their message of respect in the schoolyard to students thanks in part to sponsor Saskatchewan Credit Unions.