For GivingTuesday, Canadian Red Cross aims for 500 life-changing gifts

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November 24, 2016

We may have only seen the first signs of winter weather sprinkled across the country but there’s a good chance many Canadians experience a flurry of shopping and spending with the abundance Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales out there. 

Thankfully, GivingTuesday is here as an antidote to that abundance, a time for all Canadians to recharge by giving back to those in need and celebrating how big a difference charitable giving and volunteering can make in our communities and around the world.

To celebrate the fourth-annual GivingTuesday, the Canadian Red Cross launches its annual holiday giving campaign with a special GivingTuesday goal in mind: 500 life-changing gifts in one day.

Red Cross supporters can join the GivingTuesday movement and help the Red Cross reach this goal by shopping for meaningful gifts today to send friends, family and colleagues.

Gifts Will Be Matched by BMO Bank of Montreal

In addition to setting a GivingTuesday goal, the Canadian Red Cross is thrilled to tell supporters that every gift they give between now and December 25, 2016 will have DOUBLE THE IMPACT thanks to a holiday gift match from BMO Bank of Montreal.

Visit to shop all the gift-giving options, which include:      

  • A gift of $15 can provide warmth and comfort to refugees and migrants in the form of two Winter Blankets
  • A $25 Mother-Child Health Parcel will provide a one-month supply of pregnancy medicines and medical supplies for 12 babies and mothers
  • A gift of $45 can deliver three days of healthy, Hot Meals to someone in need
  • A $60 gift will give an entire family of five Food and Water Relief for a full month

Each gift you choose to give this GivingTuesday and up until December 25, 2016 will be matched dollar for dollar by BMO Bank of Montreal. That extends your kindness and spirit of giving to even more individuals and families in need.

Save yourself the stress of last-minute shopping

According to a recent survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross, nearly 30 per cent of holiday shopping is done at the last minute, and over half of Canadians worry those last-minute gifts they purchase will disappoint.

Refugees collecting relief items

A gift of $15 can provide warmth and comfort to refugees and migrants in the form of two Winter Blankets.

While Canadians are feeling strapped for time for seasonal shopping, charitable gifts are becoming an increasingly popular option. Nearly 60 per cent of Canadians say they receive trinkets and traditional items like socks they’ll never use, while 64 per cent would prefer to receive a charitable gift in their name that would help someone else.

Giving a Canadian Red Cross gift in the name of a loved one is one meaningful way you can ease suffering here in Canada, around the world, or both at home and abroad. With all gifts, you’ll be able to send a personalized paper card or e-card to the recipient to let them know you’re thinking of them this holiday season.

BMO Bank of Montreal will match up to a maximum amount of $50,000 in total for donations made prior to December 25, 2016.