Rescued from a flood

Topics: Ontario, Emergencies and Disasters in Canada
July 25, 2013

In Ontario, Canadian Red Cross disaster teams have been working hard to help those communities affected by severe flooding at the end of April. As this emergency unfolded, Red Cross disaster responders were there to open evacuation/reception centres, to make sure people had food, water and shelter when floods forced them from their homes.

In Black River, many families were forced to evacuate when their houses were flooded with more than three feet of water. 70-year-old Angelo had just arrived home from the hospital the day flooding began. He woke his wife up at 1 a.m to tell her they had to get out immediately.

Thanks to your monthly support, Angelo and his wife were able to return to their home.

When he could access his property again a few days later, Angelo could see that they’d lost everything – including treasured family photos. Still he greeted the Red Cross with tears in his eyes and thanked our volunteers for helping him and his wife. “I want people to know this isn’t just a flood. This is a disaster,” he said.

Across the Kawartha Lakes and Ramara township areas, more than 80 Red Cross volunteers visited more than 800 homes. Dedicated teams went door to door to check on neighbours, to make sure those affected by floods were safe and well and to distribute clean-up kits as needed.

Make a difference
From fires to flooding, when emergencies and disasters occur, the Canadian Red Cross strives to help those in need in a variety of ways. By providing access to essential necessities like food, water and clothing and by also offering a range of programs that impart valuable skills, the Canadian Red Cross gives people the opportunity to gain resources and overcome future challenges.

With the support of Canadians like you, the Canadian Red Cross is able to continue responding to people affected by hardships, as well as other humanitarian work.