New Brunswick school implements Canadian Red Cross anti-bullying program

Topics: New Brunswick, Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention
February 10, 2013

New Brunswick school implements Canadian Red Cross anti-bullying program

Bullying and harassment can have negative effects on the long-term development of young people, leading to anxiety, feelings of isolation and self-doubt. While some may believe that bullying is a part of growing up, it can have an impact on young people for years to come.

As the country's leading charity, the Canadian Red Cross strives to prevent bullying and harassment, with violence and abuse prevention programs. For one school in New Brunswick, the Canadian Red Cross' bullying prevention work has left a lasting impact and has helped children develop positive interpersonal skills.

Campbellton Middle School goes Beyond the Hurt
Young people who are affected by bullying often feel like they have nowhere to turn, but programs like Beyond the Hurt give children the skills they need to overcome bullying and harassment and put a stop to these harmful behaviours.

While parents and educators alike can benefit from exposure to the Canadian Red Cross' Beyond the Hurt program, a school in New Brunswick is taking the program to the next level.

At Campbellton Middle School, young Canadians in grades seven and eight are engaging in Beyond the Hurt and learning about the different forms of bullying and harassment, with an emphasis on cyber-bullying.

In addition, 16 students from Campbellton Middle School are training to become Youth Facilitators through the Canadian Red Cross. Certification takes 14 hours and will enable the students to educate and deliver presentations to young people on the topic of bullying.

How does Beyond the Hurt benefit Canadians?
Violence and abuse prevention programs like Beyond the Hurt allow the Canadian Red Cross to reach out to young people and give them the tools they need to reduce harmful behaviour and create healthy relationships. 

The lessons disseminated in Beyond the Hurt workshops are accessible for Canadians of all age groups and give individuals the capacity to respond to bullying and harassment in constructive ways. By building a framework with which to respond to bullying, parents and educators can be better equipped to tackle issues that emerge.

How you can help
The Canadian Red Cross works to reduce instances of bullying and help those who are affected by it with violence and abuse prevention programs.

To show your support for the humanitarian mission of the Canadian Red Cross, please donate online or contact your local Canadian Red Cross office today to learn more.