How can SmartStart: Personal Disaster Preparedness help migrants and refugees?

Topics: National, Migrant and Refugee Services
March 08, 2013

How can SmartStart: Personal Disaster Preparedness help migrants and refugees?

When disasters occur, they can affect people in significant ways and impact communities for years.

As one of the country's leading non-profit organizations, the Canadian Red Cross strives to respond to emergencies and disasters wherever they strike with assistance for those who have been touched by such incidents.

By providing a variety of services, the Canadian Red Cross works to give people the tools they need to recover from setbacks and prepare for potential disasters before they occur.

For migrants and refugees who are new to the country, programs like SmartStart: Personal Disaster Preparedness offer an essential layer of support.

Emergency preparation helps those in need
From floods to power outages to fires, disasters can vary in scope and intensity, yet one thing remains consistent: the human toll caused by these emergencies.

Individuals new to Canada may face additional challenges, including communication obstacles, when trying to reach out to emergency staff. Yet with migrant and refugee services like SmartStart: Personal Disaster Preparedness, the Canadian Red Cross seeks to address the needs of this community.

The benefits of SmartStart
More than half of the population in British Colombia's Lower Mainland speaks in a language other than English - for individuals who have newly arrived to the country, this means that it can be even more difficult to address emergency health and wellness needs.

SmartStart: Personal Disaster Preparedness is a regional program that was launched in British Columbia in 2007 and Manitoba in 2013. While the Manitoba program is not yet available to residents in the province, the program that operates in British Colombia's Lower Mainland Region helps migrants and refugees better prepare for emergencies and reach out for help during times of need.

Make a difference
The Canadian Red Cross is committed to helping migrants and refugees gain the resources required to make a successful start within the country. With programs like SmartStart, those in need can receive the appropriate assistance.

With the support of Canadians like you, the Canadian Red Cross is able to continue its humanitarian mission both within the country and internationally.

To make a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by adversity, please donate online or at your local Canadian Red Cross office today. Each contribution that you make benefit individuals when they need assistance the most.