The Canadian Red Cross Social Team

When Disaster Strikes

The Canadian Red Cross Social Team is a group of volunteers committed to helping the Red Cross during disasters.

When the Canadian Red Cross appeals for urgently needed funds to help people affected by disaster in Canada or around the world, the Social Team will be equipped with updated information to share with their networks on the situation and how Canadians can help.

Want to get involved?

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Meet the Ambassadors of the Canadian Red Cross Social Team:

Each of these individuals has demonstrated their support to the Canadian Red Cross by collaborating with us on special projects and by sharing important updates about the Red Cross to their social media networks. As part of our Team, they join the Red Cross Movement to help us when we most need help - during disasters.

Amber MacArthur tech journalist and best-selling author, is adamant about using social media for social good. She has worked with the Canadian Red Cross on several projects, including hosting a first-aid class and partnering with us to create a video on water safety.
Ann Douglas columnist and author of the Mother of All Pregnancy books, has been a constant advocate of the Red Cross, always sharing information about the work we are doing on her various social media accounts. She's also written about the Red Cross and its disaster preparedness tips for children.
Bif Naked must be our biggest cheerleader on Twitter. Bif, an internationally known recording artist, tweets about us every single day. She first connected with us when we were actively raising funds for the earthquake in Japan. Since then not a day has gone by that she hasn't shown her support to us.
Judi Samuels has been connected to the Canadian Red Cross since she was 5 years old when she took swimming lessons at her community pool. She eventually became trained in water safety and lifeguarding courses, as well as Standard and Instructor-level first aid. As a dedicated volunteer, Judi has given her time to the Red Cross to help with fundraising and providing first aid support at community events. Her work currently focuses on using her skills in marketing, communications, and branding to help local Red Cross branches.
Gingermommy is an Ontario based blogger writing about all things that matter to families, including great products, events and deals for Canadians. She has been an avid supporter of the Canadian Red Cross in social media, often sharing special Red Cross contest give-aways on her blog. Having experienced a lengthy power-outage in the middle of the winter, Gingermommy has been a true advocate for disaster preparedness and safety messaging.
Jillian Harris, Canada’s beloved former Bachelorette and now an Interior Designer on Extreme Makeover, connected with us during the Slave Lake fires. Being from Alberta, Jillian was eager to get home and help so we organized a visit with her to the stricken community. Jillian helped with fundraising events and has been connected with us ever since.
Rebecca Bollwitt, based in Vancouver, is one of the country’s leading bloggers. She’s been an avid supporter of the Red Cross often sharing information about our events, including the Red Cross Soiree in BC. She is always quick to help in disasters by letting her fans know how they can support Red Cross relief efforts. has a network of Twitter users from across the country. Momstown has named the Canadian Red Cross its charity of choice, and the Red Cross is working with momstown moms to deliver workshops on health and safety for children. It's a great example of how building online communities can also positively impact the communities we live in.
Scott Stratten is also one of our first social media friends. Scott worked with the Red Cross prior to launching our Twitter accounts and blog, sharing invaluable information that helped our accounts succeed. Whenever there is an appeal for donations to help support communities affected by disasters, Scott has been quick to champion our cause.