Domestic Corporate Partners

The Canadian Red Cross is a leading humanitarian organization that works with top Canadian corporations to help communities affected by large scale disasters to local emergencies. The generous financial support of our domestic corporate partners allows the Canadian Red Cross to provide disaster relief and recovery services, emergency preparedness initiatives, water safety and violence and abuse prevention programing.

The domestic corporate partners of the Canadian Red Cross truly are humanitarian leaders. Find out below how our corporate partners are making an impact.


Logo of Walmart Canada, Red Cross corporate partner

Walmart Canada

A generous supporter of Canadian communities, Walmart Canada has partnered with the Canadian Red Cross since 2003 to provide disaster relief to communities in need and to promote disaster preparedness across the country. As our largest corporate partner, over $21 million has been donated by Walmart and its customers since the partnership began.

Beyond Walmart’s financial contributions, they also provide Canadian Red Cross blankets for families in need, and are always the first company to open their doors and provide in-kind donations of clothes and food among other items when a disaster strikes a community.

Walmart is also the sponsor of the Red Cross Rescuer Awards. These awards recognize Canadians who go above and beyond to save a life or provide aid to the injured. For more information about the company, visit


Aviva Canada

Aviva Canada

As national Founding Community Health & Wellness Partner, Aviva Canada’s support is instrumental in enabling the Red Cross to meet the growing health needs of Canadians across the country. Through this innovative partnership, senior citizens and vulnerable people living with illness or injury will have better access to essential community health services such as nutritious meals (Meals on Wheels) or medical equipment, so they can live independently and with dignity.

Aviva Canada was also the first insurance company to become a National Partner of the Red Cross’ Ready When the Time Comes program. Beyond their financial support, which has strengthened Red Cross emergency response capacity, Aviva’s trained employees and brokers are mobilized as volunteers in times of disaster to help individuals and families when they need it most.

For more information on Aviva Canada, please visit  


Logo of PCL, Red Cross corporate partner

PCL Family of Companies

The PCL Family of Companies is proud to support disaster relief efforts in North America through both the Canadian Red Cross and American Red Cross. Thanks to their support, the Canadian Red Cross will be able to respond quicker and more effectively during times of disaster. As an employee owned company, PCL is committed to making their communities stronger and safer. For more information about the company, visit


Logo of Microsoft, Red Cross corporate partner

Microsoft Canada

In May 2009, Microsoft Canada made its single largest software donation to the Canadian Red Cross. Microsoft Canada has provided the Canadian Red Cross with more than $6.6 million in software and licensing to help them focus on disaster relief efforts and humanitarian aid in Canada and around the world. Microsoft Canada is committed to helping organizations with a strong social agenda increase their productivity by empowering them with great software. For more information about the company, visit

Economical Insurance

Economical Insurance and the Canadian Red Cross are working together to make sure Canadian communities are ready for when disasters strike. Because the best way to reduce the impact of disasters is to be prepared, Economical Insurance is supporting the delivery of Red Cross emergency preparedness workshops in communities across Canada. For over 140 years, Economical Insurance has worked to drive true change in the communities they do business in. For more information on the company, please visit